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Q1. Which entrepreneur are you? What characterizes you the most?

I am a visionary, passionate and determined entrepreneur, with a great ability to make quick and effective decisions. My perseverance allows me to achieve my goals, while my constant creativity and innovation allow me to always offer new and effective solutions for my clients and my business. I also strive to create a positive and inspiring company culture for my employees, encouraging them to express their creativity and develop professionally. These characteristics are essential to succeed as an entrepreneur. It's important to have a passion for your work, make quick and effective decisions, persevere despite obstacles, be creative and innovative, and create a positive company culture for employees.

Q2. What led you to create or establish your business in Mauritius?

Mauritius is a dynamic economic center and a strategic access point for the African market. Its geographic proximity to Africa makes it an excellent platform for businesses looking to expand on the continent. The Mauritian government has put in place investment-friendly policies and provides a stable and predictable regulatory environment for businesses. Tax benefits and incentives for foreign investors are also key advantages for companies wishing to establish themselves in Mauritius. Finally, the cultural and linguistic diversity of Mauritius, as well as its political stability and favorable geographical location make it an attractive location for companies wishing to expand into the African market.

Q3. Can you tell us about your professional activity in a few words and what you gain from this experience as an entrepreneur in Mauritius?

Excellia Properties is a company specializing in real estate in Mauritius, created in 2017 by an entrepreneur with experience in several fields such as solar, energy and telecommunications. It offers a wide range of real estate services, ranging from development, promotion, sale of real estate to property management. Excellia Properties designs real estate, endowed with architecture, capable of offering a unique living environment in locations selected with great care for a living experience that will exceed all expectations of its clients. The business environment in Mauritius is very entrepreneur-friendly, with investment incentive policies and a stable and predictable regulatory environment, which has enabled Excellia Properties to grow quickly and profitably.

Q4. Expert advice to get started! Any advice to share for creating/establishing a business in Mauritius?

As an experienced entrepreneur in Mauritius, here are some tips for people planning to start or establish a business in Mauritius:   

  •  Carry out a good market study: before embarking on the creation or establishment of a business in Mauritius, it is important to understand the market and the chosen sector. This will allow you to better understand the competition, market trends and opportunities for your business.   
  •  Make sure the legal framework provides enough protection for your business: Before investing in a specific sector, it is important to ensure that the legal framework provides enough protection for your business. This will allow you to operate your business safely and profitably.   
  •  Avoid starting too big: It's important not to put too much money into your business from the start. You need to understand that the population of Mauritius is limited, which means the market is also limited. So it's best to start small and progress carefully.    
  • Build relationships of trust: In Mauritius, relationships of trust are very important in the business world. It is therefore important to work with trusted partners, including lawyers, accountants and bankers.    
  • Be flexible and adaptable: Finally, it is important to be flexible and adaptable as an entrepreneur in Mauritius. The market and trends can change quickly, so it's important to adapt quickly to stay relevant and competitive

Q5. Your best memory as an entrepreneur in Mauritius?

As an entrepreneur in Mauritius, I have had many fond memories, but one of the best has been seeing my family flourish in a beautiful environment while growing my business, Excellia Properties. I was able to combine work and family life thanks to the advantages that Mauritius offers, such as magnificent landscapes, rich culture and relaxed atmosphere. It has also helped create a healthy balance between my professional and personal life. As far as my business goes, the highlight has been founding Excellia Properties and seeing it grow into a successful business in the local real estate industry. Seeing our first property sold was an incredible feeling of pride and satisfaction. This was the result of hard work and collective perseverance from my entire team. This success strengthened my motivation and my confidence in my abilities to develop and expand the business. It also encouraged me to continue providing exceptional quality services for our clients and to create a positive company culture for my employees.

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